Friday, July 3, 2009

Sex Every Day? compulsory!!

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Research on sexual change the way many people view. Now, a research and even encourage men to do the relationship of each day. This is necessary to maintain fertility.

First, there is a male perspective on sexual relations and ultimately was one of falls. To keep the 'backup', so I view it, men should take the time to do jedah relationship.

Later, a perspective that was mistaken. Sexual every day would increase fertility. That is, the relationship is doing more often, men would be able to keep the future of mankind.

Even the experts now recommend that men perform sexual seven times in a week. Also advisable to not recognize the words absent. The relationship beruntun that would trigger the biological changes that can reduce the level of DNA damage in sperm.

In the last 20 years, the number and quality of male sperm tend to decrease. Medical experts see that the tendency of various factors. Unless pollution is also due to the reduced genetic quality.

In the UK, for example, men began to face the crisis concerning the matter of this fertility. One of the seven couples in there have bad experiences because of the problem with the contraceptive tools.

But now, such a trend can find new solutions. And, the solution was presented at the Conference Human Reproduction and embryology European Society in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have not been this long.

Dr David Greening and his team from klin Sydney IVF, Australia, giving exit it. Greening and his friends learn the fertility of at least 118 men. Situlah appear from the conclusion, sex every day will wipe the sperm with DNA problems. Sexual problems that make sperm more quickly.from

Greening explained, they want to have offspring who are encouraged to do every day to day tersubur women. For, it will make way for the best sperm.

"Keeping that flow like water means that the sperm do not depend on too long and become damaged. Not much time for vandalism, "he said also.

He is also counsel the husband-wife pair to try melakkan sex while women in the kesuburannya and want sex. Only, he warns not to do so excessively. Soalnya, sex three times a day can lead to dramatically decreased the number of sperm.


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