Friday, July 3, 2009

Lights Pijar extinct 5 More Years

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Contribution bulb sales at this time to stay and 10% only in pedesan request only. In five years, fluorescent light may be lost and replaced with a Continue (light energy). Unfortunately lights Continue not so cheap price.

Consumer Marketing Manager Channel PT Philips Indonesia Dedy Good Pramono said incandescent lamp market continues down. Market continues to decline, and sales of only around 10% -20%.

But fluorescent lamp (bulb) hold because the market is produced mainly in rural areas still in need. In addition, Philips factory in Surabaya also serve to export to Europe and America. Dedy memperkirakaan to five years in the future, the bulb will be replaced with a Continue (light energy).

"But in 2-3 years, the demand will continue to incandescent lights go down very significantly," he said in Jakarta.

The price at this time Continue three to four times more expensive from the fluorescent light. Although the market bulb-out, does not mean the price will go down Continue with incandescent lights. Continue advantage because having more than the bulb.

Philips in the calculation, the use of light Continue to return capital in three months. Continue even if the prices are more expensive, but consumers have the benefit of saving power, so that operations become more affordable.

Request bulb in the region pedesan still strong. Therefore, for the socialization of the word energy should start Dedy Continue introduce the pro-watt small, 3-5 watts. Although low-watt, this is equivalent to the light bulb 15 watts and 25 watts.

Based on research data, about 60 percent of Indonesians live in villages. From that number, more than 50 percent still use the non-Continue.

Meanwhile, the sales continue to rise dramatically Continue. As Philips continues Continue to target increased sales each year doubled from the GDP. Meanwhile, consumer prices less consider the factors in choosing energy efficient lighting.

Based on the Philips research, the Indonesians to buy lights for the four things to consider. See the quality first, the age and quality of light. "Just after that consumers consider the matter of price, so the price of the consideration to," said Deddy.

Meanwhile, light Continue for various purposes ranging households, offices, shops, and roads. Philips claims menguasan market with 50% of households of 60%. Continue lights while the most purchased consumer demand is 14-18 watts.

Terms of use, light energy is able to survive for 6000 hours for the average. Along with the level of preservation, the light is able to survive Continue for 7 to 8 years.

While the Association of Indonesian Electricity Industry Perlampuan record producer bulb national central switch production to the export market, followed by domestic demand that is running out. Most of the products exported to the fluorescent light because the Middle East region is not experiencing the problem of energy shortage.


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