Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Indonesian term for astronauts

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Astronauts is a term for people who work as crew space. But in fact, there is a term in several different countries to call for the people who work as kru space.

The must term astronauts used the first time in a call for space plane kru United States, Astronaut. This term comes from the Greek 'Astron' which means' star 'and' Nautes' which means' sea '(sailor).

While in Russia, someone who work as crew space called the cosmonaut. The term is also derived from the Greek, 'cosmos' which means' the highway'.

In China, the term shall be different again, in accordance with the existing language, namely 'Taikonaut'. Stay on 'Naut' in the back, while the 'Taikong' is a Chinese language meaning 'Outer Space'.

Unlike the Chinese and Russian, French has its own term for atstronotnya, namely Spationaut. The word is derived from the latin word 'Spatium' which means' space '.

Several years ago, when the astronauts visited Malaysia to Indonesia, Malaysia, if a new note appeared to have their own term for her astronot, the broadcaster Malay.
And what about India? Some officials express opinions about the appropriate name for the astronauts Indonesia. Although many said that the flat, but there are also respond to the serious.

For example, only one of eight officers. When contacted okezone for dimintai opinion about the name of the appropriate term for astronauts Indonesia, he mentions the word Dirgantarawan. Dirgantara own means or outer space. But then, he was correct term. According to him, the more comfortable if we take the astronauts in Australia with a 'spaceman', from the word 'outer', which means that part of the universe outside the earth's atmosphere.

The most interesting is the term that dilontarkan by one of the official Ministry of RISTEK. According to him, if the United States use the term astronauts, a Russian cosmonaut, so if one does not use the term Indonot Indonesia.
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