Wednesday, July 1, 2009

finance minister haapy Poverty Figures Down

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Finance Minister Sri Mulyani gembiranya convey a sense of the information presented Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) on poverty in 2009 this March.

The policies that have been made during this time the result and need to get good results.

"I'm glad tidings of poverty has decreased," he said when reporters on BPS data on poverty is down, after Rakor on Investment Negative List (DNI), the Ministry of Finance Building, Jakarta, Rabu (1/7/2009).

To front, Sri said, facilities for health, education and other basic facilities for the community will continue to be done and will continue to be secured even in the 2010 Budget.

In addition, he has returned to record a program akan people who have not been considered effective. According to him, and the lack of success of the programs the basic facilities for the community will be the input for the government in designing the national budget to the hope that future trends can be better.from

Be as before, the number of BPS record of poor people during March 2009 was down 14.15 percent or 2.43 million equivalent to be 32.53 million, as compared to the number of poor residents in March 2008 the number reached 34.96 million.

Decrease in the number of poor residents in March 2009 with the percentage down to 1.57 million people in rural areas, while for people in urban areas reached 0.86 million.

Meanwhile, during the period March 2006 to March 2007, poverty has increased 17.75 percent from the year 2005 was 35 million poor people to become 39 million in 2006. Meanwhile, in March 2007, there were 37.17 million


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