Monday, July 6, 2009

BMW 320i Executive

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Consistent with its name, it seems the next generation 3 series cars from BMW is intended for those of the young executive who revel in my own car.

Therefore, detikOto trying to accommodate it with the share favors sensation in my BMW 320i in arrounding the capital Jakarta.

Fasten engine in-line 4-cylinder 16 valve, of course, create a performance premium sport sedan does not need to doubt this.

Especially with the transmission 6-Speed Automatic Steptronic, just a little step foot gas footing, the car responded with a spontaneous willingness feet, to stimulate the engine power to be issued in accordance with the wishes of the driver.

So to get akseleration on the bussy of Jakarta traffic is stop and go, this does not make a sedan akan excess energy for fish. However, stir a little heavy with the agility in bermanuver.

However, all the luxury interior sirna by security and entertaiment cabin with i-Drive is a very coddle driver and passenger.

The i-Drive has a few features. How the music? choose to live, CD, DVD, Radio, or still less as well? with a 13 gb hard drive that is embedded in the car is ready to accommodate the thousands of collection
your music.

that while it is preoccupied happying-drive the BMW 320i Executive this, suddenly stuck again jammed.from

Ah, just quiet, live multimedia search option through i-Drive, detikOto Capres can watch the debate in the 8.8-inch monitor that has a function of the digital channels, so that the image remains stable and clear.

But TV is only on if the car stops, for safety reasons, TV died by their own computer the car if the car go back.

In addition, the side of safety, ie, when the need to travel on roads that her gossip many mines ditebari nails, make detikOto not need to doubt or worry.

Mines across the nails? Just relax, have a technology Run Flat Tires! Cars can still go even though the tire pressure has been reduced because of leaks.

Overall, the premium sedan latest generation of the BMW 3 is already made for that product options, especially for executives who want a vehicle that challenges the image mumpuni such as BMW.


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