Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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Master ZukhrufIrfan one blogger friend who has friendship familiar with. Because this award is pro-backlink, according to the requirements, I will share again to 10 friends. They are:

wong cilek, purwodadi, flowers, dany, nofriady, sexy girls, bhakti, safe energy, gab's mom, irafan.
To take this award, there are requirements. Here are copas any posts irfan's blog.

"For anyone who is receiving this award are required to share this award back to ten friends. And the next award recipient must put the links below in your blog or article:

1. Robby Hakim
2. AeArc
3. Surya-tips
4. Antaresa Mayuda
5. Read Book Fanda
6. Reni Judhanto
7. Evylia Hardy
8. Eric Ariyanto
9. Irfan
10. cah kampung

The rule is like this (sorry i copy only, because length of a): before you put the link above, you must remove the number 1 from the list. So that all participants increased 1 level. Before the number 2 be number 1, number 3 so 2, ff. Link and enter your own in the bottom number (10). But I remember, all you have to run it in the fair. If each award recipient is able to give this award to only 5 people and they all do, then the number of backlink will is obtained

When you position 10, the number of backlink = 1
Position 9, amount backlink = 5
Position 8, amount backlink = 25
Position 7, amount backlink = 125
Position 6, amount backlink = 625
Position 5, amount backlink = 3.125
Position 4, amount backlink = 15.625
Position 3, amount backlink = 78.125
Position 2, amount backlink = 390.625
Position 1, amount backlink = 1,953,125

And all use keywords that you want. From an SEO you have to get 1,953,125 backlink and side effects associated with the web visitor, if you click on the link downline that, you also get additional traffik.
ok, please copy and paste it, and remove the number 1 and add the blog link / website in your position 10. Remember, you must start from the position 10 so that maximum results. Because if you tiba2 in position 1, the link will disappear once you have signed in the position to 10. "

So any posts from copas Bung Eric. Congratulations to take his award, friend-friend. Do not forget to thank once again for irfan who already give this award to me. Goodbye any posts in the next award of the remaining pro-backlink.

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mas said...

thanks for the award, but how can to write this award and must suitable for title Saving energy, would you to help me ??? :(

Saviung Energy

marz said...

please copy and paste this article and change the name of friends link with yours friends blogger

flowers said...

award sudah diterima, makasih ya, tapi maaf sy tidak bisa memasangnya di postingan jadi hanya bisa di sidebar aja

The Power of Master Madani said...

Link Anda telah terpasang di Blog saya...

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