Thursday, July 2, 2009

Australian Government Postgraduate Scholarship

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Australia and Indonesia this week to strengthen its commitment to continue to develop human resources and growth in Indonesia through Australian Development Scholarships program.

Government of Australia and Indonesia this week to strengthen commitment to the agreement signed a scholarship program for the years 2009-2012.

The program is worth AUD $ 40 million (Rp300 trillion) this offers the opportunity for the people of Indonesia to continue graduate studies at Australian universities in the fields of study that are important for the development of economic, social, and people of Indonesia.

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer said scholarships to strengthen human resources and contribute to long-term needs permbangunan Indonesia in an effort to support the growth and stability is better in the area.

"The Australian Development Scholarships Program is an example long-term commitment to the Australian Government to the development of Indonesia," said Bill Farmer.

"Australia and Indonesia work in partnership to develop human resources and create a relationship of brotherhood between the two countries strong."

Australia provide 300 post-graduate scholarships each year to the Indonesian people, not only to a degree but also post-graduate experience life in Australia and Indonesia share a culture with Australia.

Registration for 2010 will be opened on 15 June 2009. More information can be viewed at


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