Sunday, June 28, 2009

Telkom to spread Phone Card General

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JAKARTA - After the coin public phone facilities, Telkom public phone facilities add to the 'Card Phone General dude'.

Telepun common cards (tuk) is the public telephone terminal with access to fixed wireless CDMA 2000 1x, Telkom Flexi, and use a special chip card as a means of access to and can fill in the back.

Through tuk dude, people can make local communication, and to SLJJ mobile phone. Location installation at this time in some areas, such as Telkom Plaza, schools, public terminals, hospitals, pharmacies, malls, supermarkets, traditional markets, hotels, local settlements and strategic locations other.

"Tuk dude positioned as public utilities, to meet the needs of the community in order to make communication easy. Tuk Terminal dude has installed a number of 2452 units of the planned 3,127 units of the semester I 2009," said Vice President Public and Marketing Communication Telkom, Eddy Kurnia , through the authorized information, Sunday (28/6/2009).

Currently in Indonesia, Telkom has approximately 39,927 for the General Telephone. Coin (Wireline) and the 2452 General Phone Cards (Wireless) or total approximately 42,379 public phones. Amount equal to about 0.42 percent of the total number of telephone cable to reach 8.7 million SST.

Related to the existence of a public phone coin, Eddy Kurnia said, the facilities will still be maintained, despite the frequency of current use by the community is much decreased. Recognized Eddy Kurnia, the ratio is still below that required of the government on duty penyelanggara fixed telephone services to provide public telephone facilities.
"At pinsipnya Telkom seeks to meet these obligations because the provision of public telephone is part of the social responsibility Telkom to provide telecommunication access to the easy and cheap," specifically.

According to Eddy Kurnia, Telkom is very serious use a public phone services, in addition to the potential market is big enough, the phone is also very much needed general public.

Cards can be purchased at the dude Plasa Telkom and locations around tuk dude. Price of Card Rp15.000 dude is the content of the balance of Rp10.000, active 90-day period and a grace period of 30 days.

To refill voucher can buy Flexi Trendy (not electronic) that have been on the market with denominations ranging Rp5000, vouchers can be purchased at the Plasa Telkom or counter-balance the nearest counter. How the balance with the balance of the Flexi contents are instructions on each card voucher Flexi.from


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