Sunday, June 28, 2009

Start calm the crisis, Google 'supervise' Bing

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Cannes - Google predicts the financial crisis in the United States has begun to peter out. Thus, they return with overseeing the implementation strategy with strict competitors.

"Financial Crisis in the United States will begin to peter out next month. The crisis has passed and the worst this is the reason the right to return to 2010 is optimistic," said Google CEO Eric Schmidt, as quoted by Reuters, Sunday (28/6/2009).

The first, Schmidt no comment on the competition map browser in the virtual world at this time. Moreover, since the presence of Bing besutan Microsoft. But then, only Schmidt said Google is the same as what the Microsoft.

"Bing is our competitors. So far, we always observe Bing. We learn the patterns they do. Similar to what the Microsoft search engine for us," said Schmidt.

Newspaper circulating in the outside, Google is currently preparing technical team to study the system used on Microsoft Bing. These findings will be used later to Google for 'slam' Bing.

Appear since a few days ago, Bing has been to attract many users. In fact, it is reported, Bing rule has been the browser market in the United States. Although still close to other competitors, Google and Yahoo.from oke

Later, Bing also will be launched in the UK. While betanya version already available in Europe.


ireng_ajah said...

Mindset orang sudah terpatri dgn google tapi kalo untuk cari gambar, tampilan bing menurut aku lebih baek..

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