Saturday, June 27, 2009

says let's love

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Jakarta said the word love does not always have to be spoken directly. Thus another way to reveal the love he can make you feel the love.

Follow the tips below to reveal feelings of love for someone with a different way!

When people you love the coffee, bikinlah a cup of coffee before he got up to bed. Wake with the soft and give him the coffee.

Write a love note to him. You can put it in the bag or in her
wallet. Kind of surprises that will make them feel happy.

cooking forged it. If you often cook, the food make special. If not, whatever you make is enough to tell him that you loving him.

Buy books that he has become the preferred. Leave the book on the table work or over the private goods.

Get him to Australia. Playing bowling, dinner and watching the movie do the weekend. Have fun together is also an expression of affection.


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