Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ready Rossa shock Divorced Yoyo

Related articles - split household melodist Rossa with the husband, Yoyo Padi already long since happened. However, the claim posted on the new divorce (22 / 6) ago. Say, Rossa still confused with regard to household affairs. Understand, both already pisah bed some time. However, eventually a fracas Rossa make a determination about divorce.

"Rossa had a quarrel with her husband. This is because the household is difficult for them create one again," said one person close to the Rossa in the management, yesterday (27/06).

Women who did not want his name called, if this explains Rossa and Yoyo separate the long bed. In fact, Yoyo very rarely meet with their child Rizky sky Ramadan.from

"In fact mbak Rossa would like to improve the household, but indeed there is no willingness from the parties Yoyo Mas. Rossa some patience has been exhausted, until the divorce is finally happening," he said.

Currently, both Yoyo and Rossa is busy with her bussy respectively. In fact, their child is up to parents to be dititipkan Rossa in Sumedang, West Java.


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