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Michael Jackson, Si Eksentrik, talented and dark

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In the midst of the excitement fans await his comeback, Michael Jackson even change it so pitapat tears. King of pop is adored because bakatnya problems and filled in the personal life of this die in a way surprising. Jackson found unconscious in his Manson and died in care at UCLA Medical Center, which is not far from her home in Holmby Hills, LA.

Start Career

Seventh child of nine brothers, the son of Joseph and Katherine pair Jackson is born with the name of Michael Joseph Jackson. This talented man born in Gary, Indiana, on 29 August 1958.

Jackson seventh started his career with this brother-sister music group through Jackson Five. Professional debut when he started are still 11 years old. This group was successful track up the stairs with their first four singles, including I Want You Back and ABC. As a soloist, Jackson also recording an album for Motown Records before moving record label with brother-sister. Jackson Five remain united under the Epic Records label and continue recording until 1984.

Together with producer Quincy Jones, working with Jacko to make a movie musical in 1978, THE WIZ. Jackson released the album OFF THE WALL solonya, where Jones served as co-producer, with hits such as Do not Stop 'Til You Get Enough and Rock With You. Both solo album, Thriller which was launched in 1982 so early greatness Jacko. Dinobatkan this album as the album's best-selling over time.


With the music video Thriller, the name of Jackson bounced high. This song hits rank of 37 songs during the week. Thriller also nominated for 12 Grammy trophies in the category and successfully won eight trophies.

In March 1983, this minstrel show brings live music Billie Jean in the event special, Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever television. In the event this is for the first time he shows the movement of its unique dance, which is known by the name moonwalk (running on the surface of months).

Future years, Jackson has severe burns while syuting Pepsi-Cola ad in the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles. Gen. started when the fireworks on the hair and burned. Penyanyi get this compensation and contribute to the Michael Jackson Burn Center with a cash compensation of U.S. $ 1.5 million. Care center was built with the full technology to help people who suffered burns.

The Child With The Past beetle

In 1984, Jackson toured with the latest campaign for The Jacksons VICTORY album. Hit songs from this album is a duet Michael and Mick Jagger on the song State of Shock. The following year, he took to write and sing songs to Africa with another singer in the song We Are The World.

1987 coincides with the launch of album, BAD, where he began to show evidence of success. Jackson began to build luxurious tub and mini-Disneyland diberinya Neverland name. This luxurious place to stay for the medicine so small, that clamied never traveled as a child.

Jackson eventually open his mouth and also the matter of the child who is less happy in the TV interview on Oprah Winfrey Show in 1993. Said a matter of gossip about skin bleaching procedures, in this interview that Jackson confessed that he was suffering from aberration called vitiligo (loss of color in the skin). He also claim to get his father's physical punishment as children. He told about his father on Oprah that sits in a chair while a belt when he and his brothers singing practice. Father prod compensate with a belt if they do not comply with the diharapakannya.

Dirundung Case

Not long after that, Michael was accused of sexual harassment to a child aged 13 years who stay at Neverland. But police found no evidence to support this accusation when they check Neverland. This case irresolvable. During no other similar allegations, Jackson declared not guilty.

In August 1994, Jackson married daughter legendary Rock N 'Roll, Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley. Marriage is only able to survive their contemporary maize, they divorced in 1996. Jackson married Debbie Rowe, a nurse at the doctor dealing with skin problems. From this marriage two children he get way with artificial insemination. First child Prince Michael Jackson was born in 1997 and daughter, Paris Michael Jackson was born in 1998. Jackson and Rowe divorced in 1999. Pop king also has a third child with the artificial insemination of women who concealed his name, this son was named Prince Michael Jackson II, called by the name of the blanket.

Jackson is not too interested in the professional life. Income from the sale of albums in the 1995 History: Past, Present, and Future, Book I mixed, even though there are two single hits in the album, this is You Are Not Alone and Scream, duet with adiknya Jannet Jackson. And INVICIBLE album released in 2001, with the show as he eksentrik musicians and serious at once.

good by Neverland

Jackson to break its own reputation when he was playing with her son in the blanket hotel balcony in Berlin. Jacko tilt-ayunkan children in the balcony so that the fans can view them below.

Problems that actually appear in the year 2003, with the TV documentary Living with Michael Jackson, in which the singer is on the British journalist, Martin Bashir that he shared the bed with children. In 2004, Jackson arrested with several allegations, which include providing alcohol to children, to abuse and kidnapping trial. Race-race media proclaim the trial process. One day Jackcon came late in the trial and appears to wear pajamas. But in the end 14 June 2005, decided that this troubadour net of all allegations.

Because Neverland terkontaminasi feel digeledah with the police when cases of harassment, Jackson decided to bring his children to Bahrain Hijrah. Circulating newspaper he prepares new album in the making of the Middle East country that.

Earlier this year announced he will appear in a series of concerts in the UK. Jackson said this will be how the final - and in fact it's own before he was say goodbye to her fans for ever.


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