Monday, June 29, 2009

Mega-pro Pause campaigning in Ambon

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The campaign president Megawati Soekarnoputri-Prabowo Subiyanto (Mega-Pro) region Maluku suspend campaign opens in the form of a general meeting originally scheduled to take place on Saturday afternoon in the city of Ambon.

"Campaign general meeting which should take place this evening (Saturday-red) canceled, as there is no place for menggelarnya representative," said Vice Chairman Tim Pemenangan Election Mega Pro pair in Maluku, Robby Tutuhatunewa, when confirmed in Ambon on Saturday night.

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The cancellation, he said, because of the difficult to obtain representative to the building mass support Capres pair / Cawapres with ordinal number 1, as anticipated weather conditions that are less berahabat in the last.

"Rain is usually sudden down, so that might not held in the open field with consideration of the health support and sympathetic pair Mega-Pro," he said.

Tutuhatunewa reveal, the fact you want to rent Baileo Oikumene in Karang Panjang area, District Sirimau, Ambon, but that place is sterilized for the arrival of Vice President Jusuf Kalla, next Monday (29 / 9).

Once the plan is to rent the building Sport Hall, also in Karang Panjang area, can not be done because the location was made by the warehouse while the KPU Kota Ambon to save logistics Pilpres bed and sorting mail and voice.from

According to the plan, the campaign will open the team conducted a successful Mega-Pro on Tuesday (30 / 6).

"If later we still do not get a building representative, the consequences are forced to use the field open," he said.

Although the campaign is open not later attended Mrs. Megawati and Mr. Prabowo, the team successfully paired Capres / Cawapres optimistic that in the Maluku afford significant support from the community vote in the province of thousand island.

"The campaign does not need to pair the Megawati-Prabowo as offered and delivered is the vision and mission, both as a potential leader of the nation five years. In addition, both have been known with near certainty masyaakat Maluku and support," he said.

He added that the central campaign interpreter will be present for brkampanye in Ambon is Djoyohadikusumo Hasyim, Prabowo Subiyanto Cawapres younger brother, and several other leaders of political party supporters


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