Monday, June 29, 2009

Make Sempoa balanced brain

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Jakarta sempoa sempoa-Learning to provide a positive impact for the balance of left brain and right brain. system to optimize the educational potential of the brain so that the potential can be developed.

Commissioner Sempoa SIP, Alexander Taslim, in Jakarta, said the main goal is to learn sempoa make the development of the left brain and right brain balance in children. "So the objective to optimize the potential of the brain left and right," he said.

Alaxander Taslim said, if children's early brain-child has been optimized, would be positive because when they become adults more readily.

Many of us only the left brain or right brain, because it is not trained since the age is still early.

Sempoa through that, then the education system to optimize the potential of the brain children do, so that potential can be owned.from

"If that is developed, the sequel will be useful for them personally," he said.

Answering questions, he said, sempoa development in Indonesia was going stagnant, after a lot of places to grow sempoa education.

This is because, many people run the group education is only the origin-derived issued so that the quality is not good.

"System jelek teaching and not have a sustainable business that made the race," he said.


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