Monday, June 29, 2009

Major rivers in east kalimantan potential for PLTA

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Five locations in the rivers of Central Kalimantan potential to be used as the Power Water Power (PLTA) in an effort to overcome the power crisis of late.

Head of Water Resources Department of Public Works Kalteng, Jarot Wityoko when contacted in Palangkaraya, Sunday (28/06), the government is already doing a feasibility study in five locations in rivers.

Location is referred to in the River Estuary Juloi potential PLTA built with a 284 MegaWatt (MW).

Then in Tuhup River with a capacity of 10.3 MW and reached the river Nganarayan capacity 32.3 MW.

Two more locations have been examined is in Teweh, ie, in the River Benangin reach 34 MW and on the Katingan River with a capacity PLTA which can be built around two 36 MW.kapan

According to him, utilize water as a source of power in the future is very appropriate, because of the cheap will never expire as long as water catchment areas with good security.

Kalteng residents are hoping the government of the establishment of power in the region during the time they remember Kalteng electricity crisis


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