Monday, June 29, 2009

Lectures conducted Unpatti Remote By teleconference

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Faculty of Science Teaching and Education (FKIP) Pattimura University (Unpatti) Ambon akan using teleconference facilities began in 2010 in order to support the future implementation of the program course distance away

Dean FKIP Unpatti, Patris Rahabav, in Ambon, on Monday, confirming, advanced telecommunications facilities that start next year are used to support the process of long-distance lectures with students in a number of district / city in Maluku. Distance education, he said, commenced in several districts in Maluku with a target quality improvement of the quality of teacher education programs in Teacher Position In one of the oldest college in the South Unpatti.

FKIP Unpatti, he said, is one of 23 FKIP land in the water to get a special license of Directorate General of Higher Education (Director General of Dikti) Education Ministry to implement a teacher education program in his lecture with a remote system in Maluku and North Maluku using teleconference facilities.

Teacher education program in the office is a product of the Education Regulation No.28 year 2008 which is a continuation of the Law No.14/2005 on Teachers and Lecturers and PP No.19/2005 on National Education Standards require that all staff of teachers who teach in each education level must be qualified Strata I IV or Diploma at the latest the end of the year 2014 coming. Education program is an effort to speed pensarjanaan so that teachers can follow the certification program.

"We have responded to this program is building partnerships with the district and the Government / City the Moluccas and New Pemkab Buru done with the South," said Rahabav. Government also has a letter Pemkab Maluku Tenggara Barat (MTB), Seram Bagian Timur (SBT), Maluku Tengah (Malteng) and have a positive response, while other Pemkab akan disurati in the near future.from

"If this opportunity is not used by the Regent / Mayor in Maluku, and in 2015 many teachers do not come tersertifikasi and not in use. We hope to have special attention from the local government to provide special funds for this program," said Rahabav.

Rahabav add, this seems only to follow the teacher certification program to pursue the welfare of the following factors, while the main goal is the qualification, competence and professionalism of teachers often terabaikan. The problem is so at this time in the Moluccas, the imbalance ratio of teachers and students as well as the competency of teachers who have antarpara. In addition to using teleconference facilities, lecturers will persist in the face lectures and tutorials to the teachers who join the program this lecture.

"This teleconference is only done to lectures together for the entire district," he said.

"I hope it will have the certification so that the cumulation of teachers in one school and a particular region can be overcome. Placement teacher education is the business office, but there must be a conducive business climate, as it has been signed since the beginning of the prepared statement is placed anywhere," he said


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