Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kangen Band allegedly pirate song

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Jakarta - Kangen band suspected pirate songs. The track Stars 14 Day similar to the track only a glance, a new band called the property Elpiji.

This is expressed by band vocalist Andy Elpiji time okezone after manggung found at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, saturday (27/6/2009).

"It is true we have songs that are similar and may be heard if the same person. The resemblance is in the Reff. Reff from the beginning to the end, not just words alone, arensemen, lyrics and music are the same," said Andy.

Only the songs that created a flash Tomas and Eric, two personnel Elpiji have owned this since 2001 and new dibakukan 2006. The them for this band in the indie label. New year 2007, they entered the kitchen recordings.

He suspected, action jiplak this happen when they put the song to a backing vocal Kangen band that has come out at this time. "Then the song was introduced by him to Kangen band. Maybe from there, we feel dicurinya," he said.

They confess, this is also the entire community supported indie band that is located in Lampung. "Therefore, we dare to speak here," his him.from


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