Saturday, June 27, 2009

imitated track in Malaysia, Afgan Prompt Change Rp 30 billion

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Jakarta - still remember the piracy problem RBT 'No Ordinary Love' Afgan property in Malaysia? Turbulence Afgan request lagunya dibajak damages 3 million or around Rp 30 billion.

One of the Malaysian telecommunications company, Maxis hijack Afgan track since May 2009. The song is sold on the site with the price of 3 Ringgit Malaysia to RBT, 4 for Truetone Ringgit Malaysia, Malaysia Ringgit and 6 for the full song.

On 9 June 2009 the Afgan to come to Malaysia. Soon, 10 June 2009 on Maxis Afgan peace. "We agree with the terms of peace, but Maxis have to pay damages of 3 million dollars the United States," said the power law Afgan, Handra Deddy Harsan time in the office area WannaB in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, saturday (27/6/2009) .

However, demand compensation digubris Maxis was not until maturity on 24 June 2009. Afgan was not reluctant to report it to police Mabes if demand is not met.frm

Afgan not come at the press meet, he was called by her lawyer voice and
heard to journalists. "disappointed, just as a singer I submit fully to the label. decision Hopefully no point lah. I expect to have the best," said Afgan.Di middle of the problems that binding, Afgan get nominations from the event Anugerah Planet Muzik Malaysia. However, according to the Afgan not affect RBT music piracy problem. "Nggak ngaruh, is different," he said.

When this activity download Afgan at RBT sites Maxis already stopped. Malaysian telecommunication customers who download songs terlanjur akan Afgan replaced with songs compliant Seventeen property for free.

"Sorry, the right merchandise Afgan - Bukan Cinta Biasa have graduated, and akan dipadam. From the caller with the ringtone you replaced Seventeen - slalu yield is useless for a month," so the information is written when downloading RBT Afgan.


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