Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Can hypnotic "crippling" brain?

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NEW YORK - Just say the word series, capable of experts hypnotic "crippling" the performance of the brain dihipnotisnya. Overview of the nuances sounded like magic, but scientists have a scientific explanation about this.

In the case terhipnotis, someone will do that without any conscious. Scientists analyze mechanisms of human brain in a state of terhipnotis using brain scan tool.

"The mechanism of the brain that occur when circumstances terhipnotis be categorized as a type of back keterhubungan between two different brain regions," said Yann Cojan, from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, as quoted from Yahoo Tech News, Thursday (25/6/2009).

Study involving 12 participants mengulik try this what happens when the participants try to move the hands in the terhipnotis.

The results show, korteks on the right side of the brain normally ordered to move the right hand. However kortek ignore the fact that the brain normally controls movement in communication.

In fact, part of the brain is more work on the synchronization mechanism compared with that done in the ordinary conscious state with a different brain region called the precuneus.from

Precuneus a role in the mental representation and memory of someone. Cojan estimate that the precuneus is affected by the hypnotic words of experts, for example says, "your hand is very heavy, can not be moved and lifted from the table," and so forth.

Precuneus then notify the kortek continue driving with sugesti like, "You hand it feels very heavy to be appointed. You can not mengerak-gerakkannya."

"At the time of kortek connected with sugesti that your hands can not move, then this section does not send a message to menggerakkannya," Cojan demolished.


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