Sunday, June 28, 2009

Holiday, Household Recipes harmonious Titi Dj

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In central of he activity, Diva Pop Indonesia Titi DJ can still divide the time for career and family. Even the wife of band guitarist group Rif, Ovie has special tips for maintaining harmonious household.

"Although busy, but must spend share time with family. Therefore, I, my husband, and children have gathered, if the commitment to be a Sunday," said Titi when found in Kemang Timur No. 72, Jakarta Selatan, Sabtu (20 / 6 / 2009)
Not only spend time with the family at the weekend arrived, even if the school holidays Titi often invites children on holiday. However, pelantun "Language Kalbu" is pleased to invite children to enjoy the beauty of nature.from

"I'm not as mothers will, this time for the holidays children free camping. So, more to the natural, the way to the rice fields, water buffalo bath, dirty not afraid because the house is in a normal play-dirty dirt. Children learn a lot from the camping experience. They learn mandin buffalo was not be noisy, "he said.

Predilection women who have married three times during that invites children to nature rather not grounded. Mother of six children that this time is in the nature, the children can integrates.


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