Sunday, June 28, 2009

The firss album, Cinderella without maudlin song

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JAKARTA - After the recent Pangeranku and Cilik king, this time the Palace of Light Music Indonesia create a new band called Cinderella. Digawangi Evva the band (vocalist), Zee (guitar), Adit (drums), Devie (bass) also has a new album.

'Go Palace' features 10 songs including two in a palace and Malas made the single Love in this album. Four of the 10 songs on the album was created by the moldy 'king', while the rest was created by Zee, Cinderella guitarist.

During a visit to the office of Editor okezone, Tuesday (23/6/2009), Evva confess that all their songs on the album is very cheerful and not melow. "We are anti-sloppy track. We like the clean-clean. If I believe aja album Hear us," said Evva half the campaign.

Evva told, the band was in December 2008 since then. Initially, the Zee Evva are in South Kalimantan. Then, in their dipertemukan the Adit and Devie, then form it Cinderella.

Although there is' interference 'that moldy notabene sister Evva uterus, in making their own songs and albums are still fifty-fifty.from

Evva expect the presence of free pop band beraliran this can give a new feel of the music world in Indonesia. So able and ready to compete in giving color to the music of a youth is growing at this time


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