Monday, June 29, 2009

Education potrait of Indonesia

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Indonesia's education experience a few changes, years of education proselytizer to years more crowded, the schools began to have attention from the government even though there are some that have not been tesentuh by the hand of the government, the government provides more assistance to schools, ranging from building the building, until kepihak students disekolah.

Not a bit of money that the government spend to promote education in Indonesia, among untk renovate school buildings that have been damaged start. The number reached hundreds of millions of rupiah each school, but sometimes the money spent from the center down the decline in value, at the time of perenovasian a building, the less money that is used and is as much as possible so that the condition of the building a little better, with the condition that such money that, piha contractor to buy goods of less quality, so that when paa building had already been used for several months and has been damaged again. That the Indonesian people, always looking for profits in the narrow, now the government is really concerned terrhadap urgency of education in Indonesia, as evidenced with the aid of many a BOS (School Operational Assistance), and the start of this year 2009 all students can be of a free education up to junior kejenjang , students who can not afford to finish school. School Operational Assistance is to assist the children in the future. This is True is the first step and the reality of government in promoting education in Indonesia, a few days ago, we together are the days of National Education, which aakanmenjadi force us to continue forward in the vibrant ideals of the nation, and soon we will be commemorate the resurrection of the national day. Days when people used together in one destination for Indonesian Independence, is now Indonesia is free from colonialism, but we are still many people who illiterate, so we hope that Indonesia immediately free from illiteracy, mekipun combatants fore it is very very heavy, because globalization threaten us. If we are not ready to welcome globalization, it can be country-akan tepuruk again, therefore the government is always ready to help school children to be more again in the study, although the government is the cost for school children, but there are only tax-levies is not responsible of their teachers. Free school that proclaimed the government to bring fresh air for all parents, Section at the time of the now very difficult to completely hard to get money now let alone the condition worsened with the krisisi the global economy over the world.

We are aware and know how important education is for us and also the homeland of the nation, the progress of a country depends on those who are educated, as well as our life as a human being, is very dependent on education. Someone will have a view of the future life the bright, if he dibangku school of life, the higher the education level of the good people tesebut opportunity to obtain a better life, the people of penididikan lower the grim life of their future, although in fact many stories about successful people who, although only primary school graduates do not even graduated elementary school, this might be kedengaranya impossible, but God's infinite power, God's infinite will, all things that he happens to want certainty, for rizki in God's hands.

Along with the development of the modern era, globalization requires us to compete well, the change actually feels different corners of human life, indeed in the streets demanding that they still exist and to live betahan. Man really wise to be charged in various ways, until the dal-presidenpun must choose wisely, we must indeed wise in choosing the president, because they will feel after the president was elected and lead this country. Education is different from the medium they mensuport change the fate of the nation for the better, lately almost all primary schools and school levels above meajibkan for all teachers to have a degree strata 1 (S1), the various efforts undertaken by the government, of which provide scholarship assistance to students who are taught in the schools with the goal of ease of study, with the government program is working to have all teachers to be competent S1. The Government also conducted a feasibility of the standardization of the teachers in the teaching, so it is expected that all teachers teaching in schools across Indonesia have the leadership attitudes in children mengajarn didiknya.

The government requires that all teachers have a diploma S1, is a good step, but it is ironic when yan appear less good understanding of the teachers, they can berargumentasi how S1 degree quickly, then the manager of the campus to read this situation as peluan, so that university-munculah university programs that offer quick, concise, and compact. Not a few teachers to take this path, even almost all the teachers take the course on the path nonreguler, so this year is really busy with school activities and lectures, and even have a grandson who is also studying ikit get a degree for S1. Lectures in the short akan menumbulkan question is how the quality of the knowledge that they can, perhaps you can answer it. Bravo Indonesian education.


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