Monday, June 29, 2009

Drinking Beer is Healthy

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During this we often see that the beer as alcoholic beverages will be provided for the impact of poor health, but in fact, in some research, have a beer was a positive impact on our health (not drunk during excess and does not violate any rules).

How much beer will actually help us to become more healthy?

1. Lowered Risks Heart Health

Drink alcohol in the amount of current (not more than two glasses for men and one glass for women per day) were even lower risk of coronary heart disease up to 30 or 60 percent, even to those who have the risk of diabetes, blood pressure, even to those who had experienced heart attack.

2. The help dislocated

Silicon containing beer, mineral that helps the formation of bone mass. Silicon in the food as this will strengthen and increase bone density, especially at the waist and women who have experienced the menopause.

3. Preventing Cell Damage

Prevention of damage to this cell will reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Hop and Malt is used in making beer contains large amounts of antioxidants. Beer also contains polyphenol, antioxidants are also found in wine, fruits, vegetables, and green and black tea. Ale and lager beer contains more antioxidants than watery beer or beer without alcohol.

4. Protect the drinker from the Stroke

Such as Alzheimer disease and senile is that 80% of stroke. Consumption of beer in the number of middle-often associated with memory and thinking ability of the improved

If we calculate the volume and the amount of the actual drink alcohol, beer has a number of antioxidants doubled from white wine, even when compared with red wine, beer antioxidants womb only half. But the possibility of absorption in the body, because of the small molecule antioxidants beer, then the possibility of absorption of antioxidants akan beer is much easier.

Beer contains no fat or cholesterol at all, and sugar contents are very low. Calories in a beer, some very large emerging from the womb of alcohol, not from the womb of sugar


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