Monday, June 29, 2009

Boediono Casual Wait Rizal TV station interviewed in Solo

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Jakarta - Boediono Herawati and wife must wait to sit in the Adi Soemarmo Airport, Solo. should he immediately fly to Jakarta. But restrained way. The Rizal Mallarangeng, consultants Boediono must first interviewed by TV stations.

Detikcom watched, at approximately 17:50 WIB, Senin (29/6/2009), and Boediono entourage entered the room appear VVIP airport Adi Soemarmo, Solo.

Berkemeja blue, the wife he had beside greet journalists. Was talking a moment while he partake oeuvre does not confess berorasi nervous time in the campaign.

"Ah masa sih, enggak," he said.

No longer a member of the team success Boediono greet and invite him to sit. "Sit down pack, rest," said the man.

should, using aircraft carteran The Grace, Boediono immediate entourage fly together. However, because one of the consultants Boediono Rizal Mallarangeng, who also participated in the gang, there is the promise of live interviews with TV stations, SBY is cawapres pair must also wait.from

Indeed, in the opportunity, Rizal akan interviewed for the issue of distribution of leaflets mengklarifikasi Boediono Catholic wives in Medan, JK-time campaign Wiranto.

Rizal, which are the spearhead of the team so Boediono in mengcounter issues appear to have been ready-ready berargumen. Before the camera switched on, he looks serious reading secarik paper.

While Boediono and his wife, accompanied a number of staff and friend, waiting at the front of the room.


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