Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beware! Kerokan Can make Baby Born premature

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KEROKAN may be calculated especially for the ordinary Moms who are cold, stiff-stiff or does not feel well. But, not one first, kerokan can also dangerous for the expectant Moms. In fact, can cause the baby is born premature.

Following explanation medical specialist Obstetric and Gynecology Division of Fetomaternal, dr Ali Sungkar SpOG:from

If the body does not feel good, stiff-stiff or fell dizzy, for some people not plong if not dikerok. Can dipunggung, behind the neck, shoulders, waist, chest, and arms up.

time in kerokan, usually going akan changes of the skin. If it is not red, the skin can become red blue. Changes in skin color show this level of pain.

Inflamasi on the Skin Surface

Kerokan actually make inflamasi on the surface of the skin and will make the experience a dikerok inflammation. So that the blood vessel open and the flow of blood to be smooth, because the more oxygen and nutrients available for the network muscle.

Substances-substances that can cause a feeling of weary soon carried by the flow of blood to be removed or dinetralkan. Inflamasi incurred in addition to ease muscle pain, kardiovaskuler also trigger a reaction. Sign is the increase in body temperature is mild, between 0,5-1 centigrade. Not surprisingly after dikerok, our bodies feel warm.

Early stimulate contraction

The problem is a reaction against the body inflamasi akan released by mediators and anti inflamasi issued a substance known as cytokines term (the cells that strengthen the body's immune system when a virus enters the body).

Substances will stimulate / trigger prostaglandin release, the substance that causes contraction of the womb. When done on pregnant women feared childbirth can occur early / pres term.

So, dikerok in the area or any body part, ie the same reaction will occur with the effect of local systemic manifestations.

Therefore, you should avoid during pregnancy because kerokan reaction inflamasinya which can trigger the occurrence of early contraction. Effect to the fetus is not directly, but the risk of premature labor that is necessary is feared.


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